Weekly Highlights 25-31 October

My Heart Knows

Every Monday to Friday | 18h00 CAT/WAT | 20h00 EAT |
My Heart Knows
Anupriya goes to prison to visit Atul and she informs him that she can no longer keep their secret and will reveal the truth to everyone. Kalyani realises that Anupriya was married to Atul and believes that Atul got married to Anupriya while married to her mother. Kalyani finally gets to know the truth about her mother. A distraught Kalyani refuses to believe that her mother was a homewrecker. Meanwhile, Aparna goes all guns blazing in blaming Anupriya for everything. Kalyani finally confronts Atul and he tells her the entire truth.

These Streets

Every Monday to Friday | 19h00 CAT/WAT | 21h00 EAT |
Shantanu threatens Ridoy to make him confess about his pretense. Nivedita blames Asmita for Ridoy’s death and demands her to leave the home. Asmita and Shantanu come face-to-face in a chance encounter. The result of the DNA test is inconclusive. Nilambar informs Beauty that Shantanu has agreed to give his blood sample to Asmita for the DNA test.

Jodha & Akbar

Everyday Monday to Sunday | 20h00 CAT/WAT | 22h00 EAT |
Shareefuddin kidnaps Jodha. Sharifuddin has held Jodha captive and tells Jalal to send Bakshi to him against Jodha. Jodha is seriously ill and Jalal is told that Jodha is being punished for his misdeeds and if he wishes to save her life he should out number his misdeeds with good merits. Akbar receives news that Jodha has passed away. He is unable to digest this news. Qutub advises Salim to come clean with Anarkali. She overhears the conversation and realizes she was mistaken about him. Akbar pronounces Murad the king in waiting in the private court and it shocked everyone.

This is Fate

Everyday Monday to Sunday | 21h00 CAT/WAT | 23h00 EAT |
Aksha's family arrives at the Luthra mansion. Preeta is insulted by the Luthras for trying to make Kritika to realise that Akshan is not the right person for her. Preeta and Shristi are not willing to back down from exposing Akhay. They find him in the passage trying to take advantage of another girl. Sameer has decided to support Shristi and Preeta in executing another plan to expose Akhsay. They are going to follow him all day and night to lead them to the truth. There are pictures that prove that Akshay is having an affair.

Weekend Series


Sunday | 16h00 CAT/WAT | 18h00 EAT
Lakhan Shoots Komal and rushes Poonam to the hospital, not knowing Komal is still alive. Komal finally succeeds in separating Poonam and Lakhan as she shoots him down. Bindiya not only delivers Poonam's child, she also ends Komal's life.

Kellogg's Dance Africa Dance

Saturdays | 19h00 CAT/WAT | 21h00 EAT
Zee World will be keeping its viewers glued to their seats and screens with a dance show like no other! Kellogg’s Dance Africa Dance, Zee World’s first fusion African-Indian dance competition in Africa, will be on screen on 18 September 2021! The show aims to uncover the continent’s best dance team who will walk away with fabulous prizes!

Money Merchant

Sunday | 19h00 CAT/WAT | 21h00 EAT
Mr Maleks health seems to be troubling a lot of people. Mrs Malek recieves devasting news as her hope was starting to grow stronger.